God’s great plan for your life. A how-to-find-out guide

Radio telescopesThis blog will offer some practical and spiritual ways to discover God’s calling for your life

Astronomy can teach us a lot about how we can ‘tune’ ourselves into to God – so we can hear Him talk to us.

God’s revelation is like the light spectrum. We can see visible light with our eyes, and a prism will break white light into its constituent spectral colours – of the rainbow. However, visible light represents just a minute portion of what is out there, and to detect the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum, you need specialist tools.

Many of us restrict ourselves to just the ‘visible light’ portion of God’s revelation, without realising that God can chose to speak to us, for example about our career direction, in any number of ways or ‘frequencies’. This blog gives some suggestions to help you detect the ‘beyond-visible -light’ portion of God’s revelation spectrum!

Detecting all sorts of ‘light’

Science has given us an amazing range of telescopes to view increasing portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and through this we are viewing ever amazing parts of the universe.
How to receive God's direction for your callingWhen a range telescopes observe a distant object in space varying light frequencies produce different views, which can then be combined to produce a single picture. This composite image offers a view that is far more complete than anything a single telescope could produce on its own:

Telescopes viewsUsing different techniques to ‘detect’ God’s instructions

God will always call you to something for which He has placed inside of you the potential skills, personality and other necessary attributes. But let’s be honest, hearing from God and trying to understand where we should direct our careers or shape the direction of our calling can be really a confusing process.

The Confirmation chart, at the bottom of this page, is designed to pick up the different ways or ‘light frequencies’ that God can speak to us regarding the career that He is calling you to. The chart will capture a number of factors through which God could be speaking to us – creating a composite image of what God has planned for you.

Just as using an infra-red image will only show you the red portion of light coming from a distant galaxy, concentrating solely on one factor to determine your career direction, such as what are my skills, will give you a similarly limited understanding of what God is calling you could do.

To create a true ‘image’ of your calling, you need to consider a number of factors, which are found in the Confirmation chart. If you use this it will help you to see or hear more clearly from God about your next steps.

To download your own confirmation map free of charge click here.

How to use the Confirmation Chart  (click image to enlargen)

Confirmation Chart 1Confirmation Chart 2Want2get on? is a unique career coaching service that offers 1:1 support for those who want to draw upon their Christian faith and apply it in a practical way to their job situation.    www.want2geton.co.uk               Tel: 07503 177126                   charles@want2geton.co.uk


About Want2geton.co.uk

Charles is an experienced career coach and founder of a Christian-based careers coaching service called Want2get on? that offers 1:1 coaching for people of all ages, workshops and seminars. He is author of The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers - visit site for more info' www.want2geton.co.uk. He is also a busy dad of three young boys, husband to an overworked doctor and leads the men’s ministry at Oasis Church in Colliers Wood, SW19.
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