How to guide our young people to a great hope and a future


I count myself blessed that I have 3 extremely active, young boys; but to be honest, when they’re ‘playing up’ I sometimes have to remind myself that children are ‘a heritage from the Lord.’ (Psalm 127:3). I like the way the Message puts it: Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?

Wanting the best for our children’s futures
As parents we all want the best training, educations and employment prospects for our kids, so the latest government figures on just this subject make very sobering reading:

  • 8% of UK 16 to 24-year-olds are not in education, employment or training (NEET)

This percentage translates to approx 1 million young people not receiving training and positive formation for their future lives.

The reasons for this are complex, but the bible instructs all adults, not only parents, should take responsibility to guide, nurture and instruct young people in the ways of life. This includes their career choice and how to get there.

Deut 4:9  Only be careful,…so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let  them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

It’s a weighty responsibility but you’re don’t have to do it on your own!

Some great resources to guide your young people
I’ve listed below seven websites that can help you to inform and inspire any young people that you may have under your wing about what they can do with their future:

PLOTR newPLOTR is a brandnew, trendy website that provides young people with careers advice, using the style of social networking sites such as Facebook. The site allows young people to explore different careers and offers information and videos employers, mentors and career experts.
Well worth a visit!

This is the official site for the Apprenticeships Service in the UK. Apprenticeships have always been around, and they are a brilliant way for young people to learn and earn on the job. The website not only gives young people a wide range of training/employment opportunities around the UK, but also offers advice to parents wanting to guide their young people into the best career.


Gap year directoryThe Gap Year Directory. Taking a year (or more) out at 18 years old before either University or starting a career can be a great move. The Gap Year Directory provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities either abroad or in the UK, that will confirm career ideas, help to make an interesting CV and develop you as a person.


career box newCareersbox is a fantastic site that shows films of real people doing real jobs, giving viewers insight into careers across all sectors.

If you want it ‘from the horses mouth’ and hear about a job like it is, then this site is for you.


Not going to uni new is a FANTASTIC resource and basically does what it says ‘on the tin’! If university is not for a young person then this site is a must-vist. It offers many wonderful opportunities to work as an apprentice in many different organisations &  industries.


bestcourse4me, a great site for young people who don’t have a clue what their next move in life. This easy-to-use resource allows y/ps to explore career areas based on interest or subject areas that a young person enjoys. So, if you want to know of a career or a course (leading to a career) then go no further than


Parent Are you a worried parent, concerned that your young person isn’t making the best of his/her choices?

Parent speaks for itself, and is a great tool to help parent guide their adolescents in their first steps in a career.



Charles is an experienced career coach and founder of a Christian-based careers coaching service called Want2get on? that offers 1:1 coaching for people of all ages, workshops and seminars. He is author of The Christian Guide to Jobs and Careers - visit site for more info' He is also a busy dad of three young boys, husband to an overworked doctor and leads the men’s ministry at Oasis Church in Colliers Wood, SW19.
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3 Responses to How to guide our young people to a great hope and a future

  1. Great rundown of sites – thanks! Wish we had more like this in the US. Here there’s not much out there to help twentysomethings find a meaningful path for their lives. Hopefully we’ll follow the UK’s lead soon.

    • Thanks for the feedback Rebecca. Youth (16 – 24 yrs) unemployment is now approx 1 million in UK – nearly 1 in 3 not in work or education, which is a hugely shocking demographic and a timebomb that will explode at some stage or other unless something radical is done. If you go to other Euro countries it’s far worse – in Spain the rate is just over 50% of y/ps! Please feel free to visit my website and sign up for my fortnightly newsletter of news and encouragement regarding employment and God’s plans for our lives! – 🙂 Kind regards Charles

  2. Wow, that is shocking. I just signed up – I look forward to following. Keep up the good work!

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